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Vertex ThermoSens flexible Dentures
We would like you to try out our new Vertex ThermoSens elastic dentures. These dentures are much stronger
and more comfortable to wear than the original dentures you will find in an average dental laboratory.
The ThermoSens dentures are monomer free, meaning that the risk of an allergic reaction is dropped down to nil.

ThermoSens provides the wearer with comfort and confidence thanks to it being easily adaptable to the patients gums and structure. ThermoSens dentures can also be see through, which achieves a high level of discretion whilst wearing the product.

On top of that, ThermoSens is a very flexible material but in contrast to Acetal it is also much more ridged and tougher, making it an ideal choice if you are looking for a solid and long lasting denture.
We provide a reliable delivery service via our own delivery courier covering Lincolnshire and surrounding areas and a free postal delivery and collection service. We collect work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (free of charge).

All our metal castings are designed and constructed by the laboratory on the premises to give you, the client and us full control at all times from the design stage to finish. We do not subcontract our metal work to other laboratories.
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