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Our Products

At our laboratory we provide three levels of prostethic work- NHS, independend and private. On each level of work we source the finest quality of material on the market to produce the best finished product.

Acrylic Dentures
Chrome Cobalt Dentures
We guarantee fit and comfort with every appliance we make. Our dentures are suitable for all budgets, finished to the highest standard.
Designed to provide optimum support, fit and aesthetics, our Chrome Cobalt Dentures are highly durable and more light-weight than acrylic dentures. They are an excellent option if you're looking for a solid and long lasting denture.
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Flexible Dentures
Mouth Guards

Unbreakable ThermoSens dentures available in our Laboratory! They are less visible and lighter making them an ideal choice for a long-lasting comfortable denture. It can be used to replace one missing tooth, making it a cheaper alternative to metal crowns without tooth preparation.

Mouth Guards are very important to all sports players. Whether you’re a rugby player or a cage fighter, it’s vital you ensure complete protection of your teeth, gums and lips. Available single or multi-coloured, the choice is yours.